If you have already registered for our online services you can order a repeat prescription online here. If not then you can register by emailing us at and attaching photos of 2 forms of ID, one to be photographic such as a driving licence or passport, and the other to be proof of address such as a utility bill or bank statement. We will then email you the log in details.

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Repeat Prescriptions

Prescriptions for certain types of regular medication can be ordered without the need to see your doctor. Repeat prescriptions are normally issued for one month at a time. If you are unable to use the online ordering option then you can post or put in the letter box by the main entrance doors to the building, the right hand side tear off slip (order form) from your prescription. If you have misplaced the right hand side tear off slip, please copy down the name and dose of the drugs you require. We do not accept requests by email or by telephone.

Please note that since September 2019, pharmacies are no longer allowed to order repeat medications on your behalf, this in order to minimise stock-piling or over-ordering of medication and to reduce wastage.

The doctors need to check and sign the prescriptions so please allow 2 working days before collection. Please let us know your preferred pharmacy as all prescriptions are now sent electronically to the local pharmacies. Prescriptions can be posted to you if you enclose an S.A.E.

The doctors like to review treatment periodically so you may occasionally be asked to make an appointment for a medication review. You will also generally be asked to see the doctor before starting new treatment.

Please do not ask for medication that is not yet due, or ask for medication for long trips abroad.

If the Practice Pharmacist is in any doubt they are instructed not to issue anything, and to ask you to speak with a doctor, to avoid errors.

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