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  • 4 Oct 2022

    We are hiring!

    We are looking for a reliable & committed person to join our friendly Patient Services Team.

  • 14 Dec 2021

    Covid-19 Vaccinations in pregnancy

    Covid-19 can be more dangerous in pregnancy - reduce the risk by getting your vaccine

  • 9 Nov 2021

    Keep Calm and Be Kind

    Keep Calm and Be Kind

  • 25 Oct 2021

    THIRD PRIMARY DOSE of the Covid vaccine

    Patients eligible for a THIRD PRIMARY DOSE of the Covid vaccine: Please contact the practice to book your appointment at Ripon Racecourse

  • 20 Sep 2021

    Why are GP Practices still working differently?

    The pandemic is not over. GP practices worked hard to provide a service throughout lockdown and continue to do so. To protect everyone, we must maintain safe infection control and minimise unnecessary physical contact.

  • 14 Sep 2021

    COVID boosters

    Information about COVID-19 vaccination boosters

  • 8 Sep 2021

    Flu Vaccinations 2021

    Details of this years flu campaign

  • 8 Sep 2021

    National shortage of blood tubes used in the collection of blood samples

    As you may be aware there is a national shortage of blood tubes used in the collection of blood samples.

  • 21 Jul 2021

    Important Notice 20th July 2021

    The current NHS Digital (NHSD) extract of GP data for Research purposes (known as the GPDPR) has been delayed due to NHSD wishing to review the way in which this data will be collected, to conduct more public involvement and information about the plans and change the way in which patients can opt out of the extract of their GP data.

  • 15 Jun 2021

    Covid-19 Vaccination Update

    The Vaccination Centre at the Yorkshire Event Centre/Showground will be closing this weekend

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