Patient Survey

Patient Survey 2013/14

Our survey results for this year are shown below.

Q1. How do you normally book an appointment? Phone Online In Person It Varies
53.21% 36.54% 2.56% 7.69%
Q2. Which method do you or would you prefer? Phone Online In Person It Varies
45.21% 45.89% 8.9% 0%
Q3. How easy have you found it to get through on the telephone in the past year? Very Easy Fairly Easy Not Very Easy Very Difficult Haven’t Tried
21.6% 48% 20% 5.6% 4.8%
Q4. We have implemented an automated information and choice system on the telephone. How helpful do you find this? Very Helpful Helpful Neither Helpful nor Unhelpful Unhelpful Very Unhelpful
11.41% 42.95% 27.52% 15.44% 2.68%
Q5. Think about the last time you tried to see a doctor fairly quickly. Were you able to see a doctor on the same day or in the next two weekdays that the surgery was open? Yes No Can’t Remember N/A
69.08% 19.08% 11.84% 0%
Q6. If you weren’t able to be seen during the next 2 weekdays that the surgery was open, why was that? There weren’t any appointments Times Offered Didn’t Suit Appointment Was With a Dr Who I Didn’t Want To See A Nurse Was Free But Not a Doctor Another Reason Can’t Remember
59.09% 15.15% 12.12% 1.52% 1.52% 10.61%
Q7. What is your overall impression of the waiting area at the surgery, with regard to; Very Good Good Average Poor Very Poor
Cleanliness 78.08% 21.92% 0% 0% 0%
Quality & Comfort of Seating Area 52.08% 43.06% 4.17% 0.69% 0%
Access To Information 44.44% 45.14% 10.42% 0% 0%
Facilities for Children 51.52% 42.42% 4.55% 1.52% 0%
Q8. How helpful do you find the reception staff? Very Helpful Quite Helpful Not Very Helpful Not Helpful At All Don’t use them
79.22% 20.13% 0% 0% 0.65%
Q9. How would you rate the length of time you generally wait to see a doctor/nurse (once arrived at the surgery)? Not Long At All Reasonable Length of Time Too Long
34.21% 62.50% 3.29%
Q10. Who is your usual GP? Dr Cunningham Dr Polito Dr Falshaw Dr Aston See any GP/More than 1 GP
32.26% 25.16% 21.94% 20.65% 0%
Q11. When you see your usual doctor, how good is the doctor at each of the following?
  Very Good Good Average Poor Very Poor
Giving You Enough Time 75.17% 22.82% 2.01% 0% 0%
Asking About Your Symptoms 72.48% 26.17% 1.34% 0% 0%
Listening 75.84% 22.82% 0.67% 0.67% 0%
Explaining Tests & Treatments 72% 26% 2% 0% 0%
Involving You In Decisions About Your Care 71.07% 25.79% 3.14% 0% 0%
Treating You With Care & Concern 73.15% 24.16% 2.68% 0% 0%
Taking Your Problems Seriously 75.17% 20.81% 3.36% 0.67% 0%
Q12. Last time you saw a Practice Nurse at the Surgery, how good did you find the Practice Nurse at each of the following?
  Very Good Good Average Poor Very Poor
Giving You Enough Time 72.87% 26.36% 0% 0.78% 0%
Asking About Your Symptoms 63.43% 34.33% 1.49% 0.75% 0%
Listening 70.54% 26.36% 2.33% 0.78% 0%
Explaining Tests & Treatments 69.23% 36.92% 3.08% 0.77% 0%
Involving You In Decisions About Your Care 67.19% 30.47% 1.56% 0.78% 0%
Treating You With Care & Concern 72.31% 26.15% 0.77% 0.77% 0%
Taking Your Problems Seriously 70.87% 28.35% 0% 0.79% 0%
Q13. In general, how satisfied are you with the care you get at the surgery? Very Satisfied Satisfied Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied Dissatified Very Dissatified
68.24% 30.41% 1.35% 0% 0%

Comments received 2013/2014 survey:

Evening appointments would be good.

I would use internet booking if I was able to use this for my child.

Appreciate the water fountain.

Compared to my friends’ appointment systems at other surgeries, Park Parade is brilliant – none of this ‘phone on the day’ malarkey.

Dissatisfied with link on repeat prescription service and link with Boots Chemist, 2 weeks – no response.

Would prefer to book online but having 2 teens under 16 stops me using this facility.

Good to see that the screen news ticker now has a little more than just disembodied headings.

Always great.

The ambience in the waiting area is rather clinical but the medical care is very good and the medical staff are caring and interested in you as a person, which is the main thing.

A great surgery with fantastic doctors, whoever you see!

I find all the doctors here to be caring and helpful. Sometimes I have to wait a little longer but I don’t mind as I have always been given the time I need.

I find the telephone system frustrating.

I believe the registration process for online services could be much simpler. If registration could be completed while in the surgery it would save having to go away and starting again.

Very occasionally in the past I have found it difficult to get an appointment in 2-3 days but not today.

Always treated very well – no complaints (in 50 years!).

Being a wheelchair user it would be nice if the reception area could be lowered. I cannot see the receptionist and she cannot see me.

Care is good. Could provide more flexibility for those who work (difficult to get appointments).

Would like to be kept much more informed about blood results sooner.

Helpfulness of reception staff depends on who is on duty.

Thank you.

Find amount of time taken by automated message tiresome.

Keep up the good work!

A very caring practice.

Did sign on for online – but have not been able to access the website.

Car parking becoming very difficult.

Excellent care!

More flexible hours to accommodate working people.

I much prefer being part of a larger practice. More up to date than the smaller practice I was with before.

There have been long waiting times to get a GP appointment for myself and my husband – he is considering changing practices due to this.

I don’t like the high desk. Being short I can barely see the person on the other side. On one occasion I couldn’t see the receptionist was already on the phone.

PPG report 2013/14

We created a virtual patient reference group (PRG) in 2011. These are patients who we email rather than holding group meetings. The PRG aims to be representative of our practice population, however we were keen to also hear the views of patients with special needs so we invited 5 extra patients including registered blind and wheelchair users.

None of our PRG indicated they no longer wished to be a part of the group during 2013/14 however the size of the group has decreased due to patients moving practice. We aim to recruit new members to the PRG as the size of the group has gradually declined.

Here is how our patient reference group compares to our general practice population.

Breakdown of age and sex of our practice population

AgeRange Male   Female   Total
0 – 15 547 8.6% 503 7.9% 1050
16 – 24 289 4.6% 272 4.3% 561
25 – 34 385 6% 359 5.7% 744
35 – 44 426 6.7% 441 6.9% 867
45 – 54 467 7.3% 533 8.4% 1000
55 – 64 377 5.9% 406 6.4% 783
65 – 74 295 4.6% 390 6.2% 685
75 – 84 170 2.6% 278 4.4% 448
85+ 47 0.7% 147 2.3% 194
Totals 3003   3329   6332

Breakdown of age and sex of our PRG

AgeRange Male   Female   Total
0 – 15 0 0.00% 0 0.00% 0
16 – 24 2 1.8% 2 1.8% 4
25 – 34 11 10% 13 12% 24
35 – 44 11 10% 9 8% 20
45 – 54 8 7.4% 10 9% 18
55 – 64 12 11% 10 9% 22
65 – 74 6 5.5% 11 10% 17
75 – 84 0 0% 3 3% 3
85+ 0 0% 0 0% 0
Totals 50   58   108

We aim for our PRG to represent patients from the full range of age profile excluding under 18’s. We find it difficult to recruit any over 85’s to take part in the PRG however we are still working on this.

Breakdown of ethnic group for our practice population

Ethnicity PatientCount Percentage
Not specified 3672 58%
White British 2406 38%
Other 254 4%

Breakdown of ethnic group for our PRG

Ethnicity PatientCount Percentage
Not recorded 67 60%
White British 41 40%
Other 0 0

In January 2014 we consulted with the patient participation group to find possible focus areas for our latest patient survey with a view to involving patients in decisions about the range and quality of services provided by our Practice. We had a good response from our PRG with lots of positive comments however no particular themes emerged for this years survey. We therefore suggested to the PRG we repeat the questions from last years survey which was broad ranging in topics and also would allow us to monitor improvements following the changes we have implemented. This was agreed by the group.
We carried out the patient survey during February 2014. The survey was handed out to all patients attending the surgery for an appointment.

We received 160 responses.

The results of the survey were sent to the PRG for comment and suggestions for our action plan.

We put together a draft action plan which was circulated to the PRG. One comment was received regarding our plan for more appointments to be available between 5 and 6pm. The PRG member thought we should offer evening appointments until 8pm once per week. We discussed this within the practice and at the moment it is not possible to achieve however we will consider this with any changes we may make to surgeries in the future. We therefore proceeded with our original suggestions.

Action Plan

The survey concluded that most patients were either satisfied or very satisfied by the range and type of services we offered. We agreed to the following actions;

Evening appointments – more after 5pm

A number of people who responded to our patient survey requested more evening appointments be made available for those who work. We currently offer early morning appointments from 7.25am every Tuesday. However acknowledge that the number of appointments available after 5pm is relatively small. We therefore plan to restructure our surgery sessions to offer more appointments between 5 and 6pm

Internet booking of appointments for children

We plan to introduce online registration for children aged between 0 and 12. This registration is managed by the parent or guardian and only they will have the log in details. We feel that it is not possible to offer online services to patients between the ages of 13 and 16. This is because the parent or guardian would hold the access details and as a consequence of this these young people would not have appropriate confidentiality. Although we recognise that in most circumstances parents have right of access to their 13 year olds health record, there are certain situations in which this is not correct. This view is upheld by medicolegal guidance.

Ambience in waiting room/corridors

We have had feedback suggesting that our waiting areas are too clinical in their appearance, lacking a degree of reassuring ambience. We plan to “soften” these areas by updating our art work and adding plants where there is space.

Test results

We plan to introduce a system for “texting” normal results. Initially this will not be comprehensive as we will go through a learning process to ensure that this system is safe and works without any ambiguity.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who completed this questionnaire and also specifically the patient representative group who have kindly responded to enquiries from us over the past 6 months. It is our intention to take this forward and with this in mind, we are open to any new suggestions that patients would like to make with regard to our provision of medical services.

Our practice opening times

The surgery is open (excluding Bank Holidays):

  • Monday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday 7.15 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
  • Wednesday – Friday: 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Phone lines are open (excluding Bank Holidays) – 01423 561773:

  • Monday – Friday 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


At all other times care is provided by the Out of Hours GP service

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