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Covid-19 Vaccination Update Posted on 21 Jul 2022

As has been publicised, the Vaccination Centre at the Yorkshire Event Centre/Showground will be closing this weekend.

We would like to extend our huge gratitude to all the local GP practices, Yorkshire Health Network and volunteersinvolved in setting up and running the centre over the past 6 months. The vaccine uptake across the region has been fantastic.  Thank you to our patients for their willingness to come forward for vaccination and their patience in waiting for their invitations to arrive. Clinics will continue to run at Ripon Racecourse over the coming weeksfor 2nd doses only.

The national vaccination programme is ongoing. We would encourage everyone to get their vaccine when they are invited. There is ever increasing evidence that the available vaccines are effective at reducing the chance of severe disease, hospital Admission and death from Covid-19, including the newer variants. 

1st vaccination

You are now no longer able to book 1st vaccines at the Harrogate Showground or Ripon Racecourse.

If you receive your invitation (or previously decided not to have a vaccine but have since changed your mind) please make an appointment at one of the national vaccination centres on this website or by calling 119. 

Book Covid-19 Vaccine

2nd vaccination

If you received your first vaccine at one of the national vaccination centres, you will also have the date for your second vaccine.

Please keep this appointment or use the website/telephone number above if you have queries. 

If you received your first vaccine at the Showground or Ripon Racecourse, you will be invited to make an appointment for your second vaccine within the recommended timeframe.

Please note, the last session at the Harrogate Showground will be on Saturday 19th June. Further 2nd dose clinics will be run at Ripon Racecourse. 


If you cannot find the answer to your queries on the national or Practice websites, please do not telephone the surgery. Our telephone lines remain extremely busy. Where possible, please send your query by secure eConsult or SystmOnline messaging and we will respond as soon as we are able. 


For women of childbearing age, pregnant or breastfeeding 

Covid-19 Vaccine for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women

For information regarding vaccination safety and side effects

Vaccination Safety

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